Lose Weight the Idiot’s Way

Posted on July 12, 2011


Weight loss for idiots is a fat loss program claiming to lose weight, about 9 pounds every 11 days. It includes great techniques that can be used to shed off excess fats in its provided book and diet generator.

This program shows how one can lose fat. It is done by targeting body’s metabolic mechanisms to burn fat. Also, this does not require any special diet meals and tedious steps to follow. More importantly, this program works effectively. Below is the list the underlying principles in this diet program:

  1. The diet generator decides what food to take
  2. Eat until satisfied but not overfull
  3. Go on diet for 9 days and the next 2 days will be “eat freely” days
  4. Exercise a bit

 Unlike other weight loss programs, this weight loss for idiot’s diet does not care about one’s calorie intake on a daily basis. It is because the body will be the one to adjust with the changes on body’s caloric consumption accordingly. This means that eating the right kind of foods according to the intervals provided by the diet program will allow fats to be burned and not carbohydrates and protein. Moreover, once this program is followed, one can experience a change after the eleventh day.

II. How it works?

Weight loss for idiot’s diet works in an unusual way. It helps dieter’s loss weight without any restriction from neither food intake nor any special supplements to aid weight loss.

According to this diet program, reducing one’s caloric consumption may not be the answer in losing weight.  This is because the body has its own metabolic mechanism to adjust its fat burning activity depending on one’s intake. Accordingly, weight loss will not happen.

This weight loss programs suggests that eating certain foods will trigger the brain to release fat burning hormones that controls fat burning activity ad fat storage of the body. The program focuses on taking advantage of these two hormones so the body can produce fat burning hormones while reducing the fat storing ones.

In addition, the program uses the “calorie shifting technique”. This means that dieting will give the body different types of calories every day. This entails the body to lose weight fast by tricking the body making it confuse. As a result, the body will begin to burn extra fat tissues. By knowing the right food to take in every interval, weight loss will follow smoothly.

 III. Idiot’s Meal Plan

Knowing how weight loss for idiot’s diet works, one should know what possible foods to be taken. Below is a meal plan on weight loss for idiots for free:

  • Food intake includes foods rich in protein, fruits and vegetables.  Sources of fat include whole foods like cheese. Oats and pasta can also be eaten. These foods should be eaten in a two and a half hour interval making it four meals in a day.
  • After the days plan, cheat on your diet by eating whatever you want. After three days, be back to the original meal plan.
  •  It is recommended to have a “common sense weight loss principle” by eating only whole foods and no processed or high sugar foods and supplements.

This weight loss for idiot’s free plan suggests what to eat, what not to and also focuses on your weight loss goals.

IV. What Now?

There are many weight losses for idiot’s reviews that claims how the weight loss for idiots diet plan actually help them lose weight. However, some weight losses for idiot’s forums would sometimes negate these statements by claiming that it’s a fad plan. Either way, only one thing is sure.

Weight loss for idiots encourages one to eat correctly and gives an idea how to maintain a good healthy weight. As a cycle, it suggests that losing weight can happen every week and a bad week should be avoided. More importantly, diet plans like this is a good partner to a right exercise regimen.

Furthermore, consult a doctor for further assistance on what diet fits your condition.

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