Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

Posted on July 13, 2011


An apple cider vinegar, also known as cider vinegar, is a type of vinegar made by fermenting apple cider or apple must. In this process, bacteria and yeast break down the sugar content of the apple cider into alcohol then into vinegar. Like any other vinegars, apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid and malic acid which give it a sour taste.

Apple cider vinegar is unfiltered and unpasteurized. It has a pale to medium brown colour which is attributed to its cloudy sediment settling at the bottom of its container. This sediment is called the mother of vinegar and is consist of acetic acid and bacteria.

This Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is known to be natural bacteria- fighting agent containing essential minerals and elements like potassium, calcium, iron, silicon and fluorine among others that are needed by the body. Instead for cooking, this ACV is used basically for health purposes.

II. Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

The combination of the acidic solution through fermentation process and the fruit pectin from apples are said to be the one causing the fat burning action. The organic acids and nutrients taken from the vinegar is said to suppress the appetite by increasing the body’s metabolism and reducing water retention causing one to feel well.

The apple, which is its main ingredient, also contains elements which help reduce weight:

  • Enzymes- Apples are abundant in enzymes that help in digesting food more efficiently. As this enzymes work, they help reduce one’s weight.
  • Fiber- Like other organic fruits, apples also contain high levels of soluble and insoluble fibers. These works by expanding in the stomach, making one feel full for a long span of time.
  • Low Sodium content- Low levels of sodium content helps prevent excess water retention which promotes weight loss.

Moreover, the vitamins and the pH level content of the apple cider vinegar also helps in body detoxification process because of the phytochemicals present in apples.

Other health benefits of apple cider vinegar include reduction of sinus and throat infection, improved digestion, cure skin conditions, prevention from bladder stones and urinary tract infections, prevention from muscle fatigues after exercise, strengthened immune system and increased stamina.

III. How to lose weight with apple cider vinegar

Incorporating the apple cider vinegar in your diet is one remedy to achieve an apple cider vinegar weight loss. One way is to mix 2 teaspoons of ACV with a glass of water and drink it before every meal.

 Below is a recipe for an Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss plan:

Things Needed:

  • Natural or organic apple cider vinegar (not distilled, filtered or pasteurized)
  • Raw honey (if desired for taste)
  • Chamomile tea (for taste)
  • Cinnamon Powder (optional)


1. Mix one to two tablespoons of ACV to your chamomile tea. Add raw honey or cinnamon powder to taste, if desired.

2. Drink this potion twice a day, about half an hour before meals.

3. Add exercise to your routine.

4. Drink water also to help rejuvenate your body.

5. Follow a healthy diet with the ACV.

IV. Precautionary Measures for this weight loss plan

Drinking vinegars and other acidic drinks on a regular basis can deteriorate your teeth’s enamel. This makes teeth yellowish and sensitive. Dilute the ACV to water before drinking to reduce acidity level. To avoid harmful acidity, drink it moderately.

V. What Now?

Eating natural or organic foods can help the body cope with its needed nutrients for increased vitality. Eventually, it may result to weight loss. Deciding to lose weight, like with apple cider vinegar,  can be a healthy choice but further advice should be sought from your doctors.





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