Bland Diet

Posted on July 15, 2011


People suffering from different gastrointestinal conditions are more likely to be told to take a bland diet. A bland diet is basically composed of soft foods, that when digested, has low acidity. Also, it has a minimum amount of seasonings to avoid digestive reactions.

Having gastrointestinal problems may cause one pain and uneasiness. This bland diet will somehow help one with the symptoms it may have. Some conditions that requires a bland diet includes peptic ulcer, gastritis, dyspepsia and reflux esophagitis among others. It is important for one to know what food types to eat to effectively manage its effects.

II. Bland Diet Foods

When one is taking a bland diet, it is best to consider softer foods. These foods will give one a low acidity level. Instead of having foods that have heavier starches like bread and grain cereals, one may eat cream of wheat, cooked rice or even mashed potato as an alternative. Other foods to consider are vegetables, fruits, grains and milk as long as they are prepared without fat. On the other hand, foods to avoid include spicy snacks and condiments, coffee and chocolate beverages, fatty foods and fried meats.

III. How Bland Diet helps?

Primarily, a bland diet is designed to help patients suffering from conditions where better digestion is a must like gastrointestinal problems. The soft foods that are being taken in this diet will not produce too much peristaltic movement in the digestive tract, but instead it will flow slowly that it will not cause pain in the tracts. This way, pain associated with these gastrointestinal conditions will be prevented.

In addition, some portions of the food will also be lessened most especially those with too much starchy content. Also, some meat alternatives like tofu must be taken instead of those heavy meats. This way, the peristaltic movement of food through its passage way will be minimized. Moreover, during digestion, the stomach will not release too much gastric juice for the food to be digested because soft foods can be easily digested with less of these stomach juices.

 IV. What Now?

Because of controlled eating, many people may regard this bland diet as a good diet for weight loss. However, this diet may not be a good long term weight loss plan. It may make one’s digestion better and may somehow suppress one’s appetite with heavy foods with right control. But one should be mindful of the nutrient needs of the body. It is still important to lose weight healthily than missing essential fuels to drive its activity.

Bland diet is helpful with gastrointestinal problems. With proper medication, it may be an effective way of preventing its symptoms.                                                                                                                                                           

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