6-week Weight Loss Plan

Posted on July 20, 2011


Six week weight loss plan is a weight loss plan that involves a diet plan involving a strictly observed measurement of calories of food intake in tandem with an exercise plan in order to achieve the desired end in 6 weeks’ time. The ultimate aim of which is a slimmer body due to reduced fats with increased muscle tone and aerobic capacity. This weight loss plan is done in natural way and will not only help one lose weight but also have other health benefits like reduced risk of diseases associated with the heart and high blood pressure.

II. The Diet Plan

Being on diet to lose weight does not mean missing any of the meals in a day. Rather, it means being reasonable enough to eat the right stuff in the right amount. Thus, it becomes imperative to know what to eat in what amount. Lean meats, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates are always in the list. Fewer intakes of sweets and other refined foods are encouraged. Meal plans abound everywhere to look up in so it is easier for one to be helped in this respect. The following suggestion maybe of help:

  1. Breakfast needs to be rich in fiber and protein. Example, have oats, egg white omelets and whole wheat bread with fruit juice.
  2. Soup and salad for lunch is recommended. Chopped vegetables, mixed greens and four ounces of chicken breast, salmon or turkey join the list. For salad dressing, balsamic vinegar and olive oil are desired.
  3.  Eat more of fruits and vegetables during the day to remove poison from our body system. In the evening, a bowl of cut fruit, chopped walnuts and almonds mixed with low-fat yogurt is good.
  4. A handful of nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds is said to keep hunger at bay

III. Proper Exercise

Dieting alone is not effective in losing weight. It needs to be paired with exercise in order to achieve best results. Running, brisk walking or stair climbing for thirty minutes, three times a week is suggested.

Basically, one should resort to have an active everyday exercise. This exercise may come in cardio or strengthening exercises. The goal of this exercise activity is to increase one’s metabolic rate to speed up weight loss process. This activity, as a result, can also help one achieve a well toned muscles.

IV. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one important consideration in any weight loss program like this six week weight loss plan. According to studies, water helps suppress one’s appetite. Because of this, water may aid weight loss. Drinking ample amount of water in a day may also cause one’s metabolic rate to increase.

Losing intake of enough fluids in the body may only cause one to have a weakened body. If this happens, one may not be able to continue his diet plan. Water is needed by the body for it to function well and staying hydrated while under this weight loss plan is very important.

V. Be Motivated

Engaging in any weight loss plan like the six week weight loss plan entails dedication to the program. One should keep a focus in the plan in order to do it well. For some, weight loss plans like this may not be easy while in the starting phase but as one goes along, everything becomes smooth sailing. One should always remind himself of any reason in doing every activity involve in the plan. The goals of doing it may serve as the driving force towards being motivated.

VI. What Now?

There are many weight loss plans that dieters may consider. One of these is the six week weight loss plan. Whatever plan one may take, the commitment to the plan is very important. One should also consider the time element as to how ready one can get in performing the plan emotionally and physically. Moreover, seek for professional advice in whatever diet plan best suite your health condition.

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