Posted on July 22, 2011


Pheromones are chemicals that are said to be secreted from human sweat and considerably in other body fluids. These chemicals are said to release neurotransmitters that are said to have an effect towards one’s behaviour modification most especially towards the opposite sex. For one, it is said that it has a capability of triggering sexual excitement. For a long time already, studies have hypothesized that these pheromones are the body’s natural body attractants that may have an effect towards one’s mating habits. Apparently, people who are said to produce more of these pheromones in the body have greater success with the members of the opposite sex- whether sexually or not.

II. Are there any benefits?

Nowadays, pheromones become available through colognes. With this, there are some factors that are said to be benefits of this chemical. Like any other colognes, pheromone may have a light, good smell. However, these colognes are special because these are said to have a mixture of pheromones in the formulation.

With this, one of the benefits of these pheromones includes better attraction on the opposite sex. This may be due to the pheromones that may transmit signals to the target subject. With this, it is recommended most especially for males  when going out in order to attract the opposite sex.

In addition, an increase in one’s self esteem can be one of the benefits of this so called love potion. In reality, people may have a hard time looking for partners. If looks can’t be lay down, seduction can still be possible through pheromones actions.

Finally, pheromones are said to have long lasting effects. Some fragrances may lose their essence over time but accordingly, pheromone effect may last longer than expected. Even though the scent of cologne will be gone, pheromone action can still be present.

 III. Things to remember

Pheromones are said to be available in certain colognes and are processed synthetically. By buying these products, one may have used it as an attractant tool. It is important to buy a genuine product that really contains pheromones. While deciding what product to but, one should not be confused with user reviews for these can misguide one. It is better to research first or asks a friend who have used this type of perfume before.

IV. What Now?

One should be wise in choosing a right product that may contain pheromone. More than anything, attraction to the opposite sex may require not just a simple perfume but also a good attitude as well.


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