Who’s who?

call me Jude. Student writer.

Loves to write about anything.  In writing I clearly see things, I express every feeling I have. Sometimes when I’m hurt, I write to somehow ease the pain. It works for me.

Blogging became one of my interests when I realized that writing gives me comfort. It’s like a part of me that wherever I go, a pen and paper will always be with me. I am a keen observer so whenever I see something new or strange to my eyes, I write about it.

I’m Jude. Believer.

I believe that every thing that happened to me has a purpose- God knows what it is. Everyday, I pray that as I start my day, I would be able to come up with, if not the best, optimal choice in every decision I make. I believe that “it’s our choices that make us who we are. And we can always choose to do what’s right”

This is Jude.

Enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing all of these :]

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